Stream and Wetland Restoration

Watershed Consulting provides stream and wetland restoration design services for mitigation banks, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations. Our design approach integrates fluvial geomorphology, fluid mechanics, and sediment transport as well as Rosgen Geomorphic Channel Design. Our primary objective is to restore ecosystem functions while ensuring design integrity and stability for future generations.


  • Project Feasibility
  • Hydrologic-Hydraulic Analysis 
  • Reference Reach Evaluations 
  • Stream Stability Assessments
  • Stream Design 
  • 2D analysis of velocity and shear stress
  • Construction Inspection and Oversight


  • Site Selection and Feasibility
  • Wetland Waterbudgets 
  • Restoration Design Plans 
  • Agency Approval Support
  • Construction Inspection and oversight

Stream and Wetland Restoration Projects

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